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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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16 January
2024-1-16 6:40:11 AM UTC
Excellent additions! Thanks for sharing! I also have a copy of d’Ardenne’s Liflade arriving soon, though not a first edition. That’s a great find.
16 January
2024-1-16 9:26:11 AM UTC
Thanks, Predictable Matt!
18 April
2024-4-18 6:18:02 PM UTC
New high end acquisitions in my library for the last months :)


I managed finally to get a full limited Folio Society set from 2002 with matching number #1615





A very nice copy of A Tolkien Compass (with flawless dust jacket)


A copy of the elusive Oliphaunt from 2011 which has been withdrawn from sale soon after its release. That's not an ex-lib and it is in perfect shape !


The Return of the King 1st printing, 3rd state, with dust-jacket : my first jacketed UK 1st/1st of the *trilogy*


The Hobbit, 5th printing 1951, in very good condition, sadly without its dust-jacket, has now joined my growing second edition Hobbitses


The Lord of the Rings, Second edition, first printings 1966

The Isle of Gramarye including reprints of two Tolkien poems (Shadow-bride and Errantry)

A sealed copy of the Hobbit pop-up book illustrated by John Howe

Copies of the first translation in french of Pearl (with a postface about Tolkien's translation) and the melange Tolkien et l'Antiquité. Both are signed by Leo Carruthers, author of the first, and contributor of the second. A charming and very erudite person.


And last but not least, a copy of An elementary historical new english grammar by Joseph and Elizabeth Wright, first edition 1924. this is the personnal copy of Elizabeth Wright, with her signature, and even a fly leaf with the address of the Wrights in Oxford !




18 April
2024-4-18 6:42:15 PM UTC
Fantastic items Emilien! Your collection is progressing quite well. 😁
18 April
2024-4-18 6:56:14 PM UTC
That's awesome Emilien, love seeing that New English Grammar Jacket.
18 April
2024-4-18 6:59:22 PM UTC
Congratulations Emilien.

That Oliphaunt was quite an excellent find. Not many of these in existence I think.
18 April
2024-4-18 6:59:55 PM UTC
Some great items, well done.
18 April
2024-4-18 9:19:54 PM UTC
Great additions as usual! Awesome find on the Wrights' Grammar - that is very cool to see.
19 April
2024-4-19 6:34:54 AM UTC
Thank you all :)
23 April
2024-4-23 11:04:53 PM UTC
Excellence again Emilien!
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