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19 April
2024-4-19 2:22:55 PM UTC
Never noticed that before. Thanks for pointing it out.

And yes - agreed!
19 April
2024-4-19 2:37:33 PM UTC
George Allen & Unwin, Complete Catalogue - May 1939

Evidently, they had not yet learned how to spell "Tolkien"

11_662281a14a82a.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_662281a14a8a8.jpg 2508X1880 px
19 April
2024-4-19 2:43:06 PM UTC
Not sure if this one qualifies as a "Publisher Catalogue"

Het Buiten Landsche Boek 1937

Seems to be a Dutch Distributor / Publisher?

11_662282e551d07.jpg 1400X1865 px

11_662282e551d7c.jpg 1400X1865 px

11_662282e551db9.jpg 1400X1865 px

11_662282e551dee.jpg 1400X1865 px
19 April
2024-4-19 2:44:35 PM UTC

remy wrote:

George Allen & Unwin, Complete Catalogue - May 1939

Evidently, they had not yet learned how to spell "Tolkien"

That is a fine piece of publishing history remy. Really nice to see.
20 April
2024-4-20 7:37:13 PM UTC
Folio Society Flyer for the Limited 1750 Hobbit 2003

11_6624191a0281d.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_6624196461255.jpg 2508X1880 px
20 April
2024-4-20 7:39:37 PM UTC
Tolkien - "Welcome to a Wonderful World" UK 1994

11_662419acbf88d.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_662419acbf914.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_662419acbfb58.jpg 1505X2008 px
20 April
2024-4-20 7:41:00 PM UTC
Tolkien - Complete Stock Catalogue UK 1997-1998

11_66241a1109b0d.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_66241a1109b8b.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_66241a1109d29.jpg 2508X1880 px
20 April
2024-4-20 9:10:47 PM UTC
That’s a great collection of ephemera, some really cool stuff I’ve not seen before.
20 April
2024-4-20 11:24:50 PM UTC
Thank You AndyBirdUK. A few more....

If you don't believe in Magic 1991

11_66244e96e0863.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_66244e96e0ae8.jpg 1505X2008 px
20 April
2024-4-20 11:27:11 PM UTC
Make it the most Magical Christmas Ever - J.R.R. Tolkien 1992

(photo in previous post by Uruloke already but a couple of extra photos on file).

11_66244f2e096a2.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_66244f2e09736.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_66244f2e0997e.jpg 2560X1920 px
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