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20 April
2024-4-20 11:28:16 PM UTC
Make it the most Magical Christmas Ever with J.R.R. Tolkien 1994

11_66244f892926e.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_66244f8929307.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_66244f8929347.jpg 2560X1920 px
20 April (edited)
2024-4-20 11:34:23 PM UTC
Hapercollins 2001

11_662450efd8c7b.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_662450efd8d04.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_662450efd8d3f.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_662450efd8d78.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_662450efd8dab.jpg 2508X1880 px
21 April
2024-4-21 6:13:03 AM UTC
These are all fantastic, hopefully be able to organize these by Publisher and year in the future on the site.
21 April
2024-4-21 7:47:53 AM UTC
Thank you for sharing remy.

Would be great, Trotter!
21 April
2024-4-21 8:51:53 PM UTC
Very nice to see, thank your remy !
22 April
2024-4-22 10:06:40 PM UTC
The Tolkien Times Aug 1991

11_6626df54df743.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_6626df54dfdca.jpg 1505X2008 px
22 April
2024-4-22 10:11:03 PM UTC
2001 Houghton Mifflin - A Reader's Guide

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11_6626e06711832.jpg 1483X1978 px

11_6626e06711bd9.jpg 2560X1920 px
23 April
2024-4-23 8:57:37 AM UTC
I have added a Contents post for this thread as the first post. ... t_id=12459#forumpost12459
23 April
2024-4-23 9:42:23 AM UTC
Should people update the Content details when they add new items or will Admin do that?
23 April
2024-4-23 9:48:36 AM UTC
Tolkien Times July 1992

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