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For sale

13 May (edited)
2024-5-13 1:06:16 PM UTC

I have for sale today:
A copy of the deluxe edition (UK, Harpercollins) of The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun, 1st printing, in exquisite fine condition, still shrink-wrapped, only open to check the book.
Publisher slip is still in the shrink-wrap.
The book is new, just opened to check printing details
As usual, will ship overseas with secured and well protected tracked shipping.
Shipping at cost, payment with PayPal F&F.

£170 / €197 / US$212 + shipping

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17 May
2024-5-17 8:21:26 AM UTC
Already posted this on a facebook group, but maybe it could draw interest here as well

For sale today, a very rare piece of history.
This is the English Conversational Course produced by the Linguaphone Institute in the 1930's.
It includes the very first recordings of Tolkien's voice ; Professor Tolkien recorded two lessons :
- Lesson 20 - At the Tobacconist’s
- Lesson 30 - Wireless

This set contained Tolkien's contributions for a limited time only (from the first pressing of 1930 to the mid 40's), as the course was later revised by Lloyd James and reissued. Tolkien's contributions were lost in the process.
These english courses were issued in different countries (Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy...)
The copy here is a french edition, and very early one, as it is a 5th pressing ("Cinquième edition"), as printed on the title page of the 'Conversationnal course' booklet.
The first pressing was issued in 1930, and subsequent pressings were issued each year after, so this one might have been issued in 1934.
The early pressings of the Linguaphone box set could be identified with a star printed in gilt on the cover of the Conversationnal course booklet.
The copy for sale here also contains all the different booklets ('Grammaire anglaise', 'Vocabulaire', and 'Guide de l'étudiant'), which is very rarely seen, especially for an early pressing.
The name of Tolkien is printed on records labels (Two discs with the lessons Tolkien was involved), and 2 pages of the Conversationnal course booklet.
All the 16 LPs are 78 rpm records, all in excellent conditions with their original sleeves. The booklets are in good condition for their age, the conversationnal course is water stained on top.
The original box is in good condition (but a bit fragile on the edge near the grip, and is paper covered (not sure if it was issued like that, different materials were used for these depending on the year/country, etc...)
As usual, I can ship overseas with secured packaging (bubble wrap, reinforced box), shipping at cost. (The box is about 3kg), payment with Paypal F&F.

£350 / €408 / US$443

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