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20 May
2024-5-20 5:32:54 PM UTC

Was the white version of this book (the photo version) available for sale outside of the exhibition?

If so, can anyone share the ISBN?

20 May
2024-5-20 5:37:14 PM UTC
It was only available for sale from the BnF shop at the exhibition, as far as I am aware.
20 May
2024-5-20 5:40:23 PM UTC
What a shame.

Thanks for the answer Trotter!
20 May
2024-5-20 5:41:38 PM UTC
The ISBN for the book is 9782717728170. I've never seen one for sale outside of the BnF shop either, but perhaps knowing that will help track down a second hand one for someone, someday.

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No current information for ISBN 9782717728170

20 May
2024-5-20 5:54:48 PM UTC
Thanks for sharing the ISBN.
20 May
2024-5-20 5:55:19 PM UTC
It was sold at the BNF shop only.
21 May
2024-5-21 2:37:00 AM UTC
Thank you Emilien.
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