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23 April
2024-4-23 11:14:35 PM UTC
Excellent article Mr.Underhill and a nice reminder of some books I am missing :)
3 June
2024-6-3 6:04:09 AM UTC
This seems an appropriate place to post about Tolkien's article published in the Radio Times on the 4th December 1953.

You can see the original in the Radio Times Genome project ... b39b33f8f3d536781e?page=9

This is the introduction

A Fourteenth-Century Romance

More than five hundred years ago an unknown contemporary of Chaucer wrote the poem of 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,' using the ancestral measure of England, alliterative verse, as it is now called. A new translation by J. R. R. TOLKIEN, who contributes this foreword, is to be broadcast in the Third Programme, beginning on Sunday. The poem has come down to us in a single manuscript, which was not even printed until 1839

. . . but of all the royal men that here ruled this realm of Britain
ever was Arthur most honoured, as I have heard men tell.
Wherefore a marvel among men I mean to recall,
a sight strange to see some men have held it,
one of the wildest adventures of the wonders of Arthur.
If ye will listen but a little to this lay a while,
I will tell it at once as in town I have heard
it told,
as it is fixed and fettered
in story brave and bold,
thus interlinked and lettered,
as was loved in this land of old.

3 June
2024-6-3 8:07:55 AM UTC
I found this year's ago at Manchester Library and have a scan tucked into Chronology under its date. It's nice to see it available for people to read more easily at last.
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