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8 June
2024-6-8 4:32:14 PM UTC

Becky wrote:

it is odd that the last one is missing, especially since there were several years to get the signature after publication

So, by that account there are actually two volumes of the quintet "missing"; and I know a lot of readers of the first three volumes didn't go on to read the other two, which are not I think as highly regarded, generally speaking, as the first three. In any event, these may have been signed in person at some appearance and may have been all the collector had in hand at the time.
9 June
2024-6-9 12:47:02 AM UTC
Yes, that's the one.
9 June
2024-6-9 12:50:42 AM UTC

Luckyshot wrote:

The late Stu wrote:

I'd assume one of the copies of Letters is the corrected version and the other is uncorrected. I can't see any reason to have two, otherwise. The ones without the page stub fix are less common.
Is there a reason to have 5 copies of A Descriptive Bibliography?

Yes, there are 5 impressions. I don't get the impression that the OP's father collected randomly.
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