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8 June
2024-6-8 10:24:28 AM UTC
Book of Fairy Poetry, with DJ. 1920.
Hobbit 1992, chernwood large type.

Oxford poetry 1915, 1st imp.
Fifty new poems for Children,1st (1922) and 2nd (1924) impressions. Variations in book width shown.
A few other editions containing Tolkien poetry (goblin feet, road goes ever on).

Reeves- A short history of english poetry, 1st Ed 1961. (Sir Gawain interest).
Coghill & (C)Tolkien: Chaucer works.

5478_66642ff8ea085.jpg 1416X1052 px

5478_6664301565679.jpg 1384X1384 px

5478_6664305239da2.jpg 1440X1485 px

5478_666430d8f25a6.jpg 3858X3000 px
8 June
2024-6-8 10:27:13 AM UTC
1938 NY library exhibition publication announcing the US Hobbit.

1987 Hobbit "super deluxe"
1997 Hobbit 60th anniversary LTD Ed
1998 Silmarillion LTD Ed

5478_666431d350fd3.jpg 1396X1389 px

5478_666431e89d60d.jpg 1440X1506 px
8 June
2024-6-8 10:36:38 AM UTC
Legendary additions! Congrats Rob !
8 June
2024-6-8 11:51:33 AM UTC
Final library addition spam (though I love looking at your shelves!), from the academic collection.

1922, MEV, 1st ed
1925, Some Contributions to Middle English Lexicography.
Orig 1936 S.R.T.O. d’Ardenne thesis and various editions.
1st Pearl, sir gawain, tree leaf.

5478_666442dfc253f.jpg 4000X3000 px

5478_6664453191d1c.jpg 1440X1479 px

5478_66644542bf1ca.jpg 4000X3000 px
8 June
2024-6-8 2:10:40 PM UTC
Wonderful to see! Congratulations.
8 June
2024-6-8 4:04:08 PM UTC
Fantastic additions, Rob! And thanks for sharing the photos of the shelves. Really excellent collection of items in those. Definitely jealous 😂
12 June
2024-6-12 4:48:18 AM UTC
Essays and Studies XIV. 1929

5478_66692878ddf5d.jpg 1440X1264 px
12 June
2024-6-12 4:54:46 PM UTC
Nice addition! Those old Essays and Studies are hard to find online without a lot of patience (or luck) primarily due to the generic title matching a lot of dreck.
8 July
2024-7-8 6:36:42 AM UTC
Beautifully fragile 1672 Hervarar (Heiðreks) Saga, which I believe was Translated in 1960 by Christopher Tolkien as King Heindrek the Wise. Along with some linked Tolkien edits.

5478_668b88825bd51.jpg 4000X3000 px

5478_668b88973bb47.jpg 4000X3000 px

5478_668b88b02422a.jpg 4000X3000 px

5478_668b88c04ce49.jpg 4000X3000 px
8 July
2024-7-8 9:49:45 AM UTC
Big congratulations Rob. First swedish translation. I considered this myself, but money went elsewhere. Happy it found a good home!
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