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Lucky Finds

14 June
2024-6-14 3:24:56 PM UTC

I joined this site in January, looking to finally nail down the printings of my First American Edition LotR trilogy. Y'all came through strongly there, and I've been addicted ever since. Below are my purchases since then. Some came in large lots, leading me with books I didn't want it already had, so I'll be selling this on the Tolkien Collectors Facebook page or eBay after I decide on an asking price.

5787_666c60b102ade.jpg 4080X3072 px

5787_666c60b102b52.jpg 3072X4080 px

5787_666c60b102b9f.jpg 3072X4080 px

5787_666c60b102be7.jpg 3072X4080 px

5787_666c60b102c2b.jpg 3072X4080 px

5787_666c60b102c6f.jpg 4080X3072 px
14 June
2024-6-14 4:09:28 PM UTC
Some very solid additions! Congrats and thanks for sharing the photos.
20 June
2024-6-20 1:52:17 PM UTC
Father's Day present :)

5787_6674340b44894.jpg 3072X4080 px
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