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Tolkien Bookshelf has #9 of the 1991 blue leather LOTR available

11 Feb, 2010
2010-2-11 7:00:02 PM UTC

For us low number collectors out there, David Miller let me know that he just listed #9/250 of the blue quarter-leather Lord of the Rings at his bookstore. ... 51535126b787d9a9de9d981d8

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11 Feb, 2010
2010-2-11 7:31:49 PM UTC
I just bought the last one that he had for sale, much higher number than 9 I might add.

I wonder how many he has in reserve for when they sell?

Are members of this forum really interested in the number of a limited edition and prepared to pay more for a lower number?

11 Feb, 2010
2010-2-11 8:05:11 PM UTC
Speaking for myself, I actually do (for some unknown reason within) like a lower number and am indeed prepared to pay more for lower numbers.

When I started collecting, I convinced myself that the number did not matter, but over the years, I became more and more attracted to the lower numbers. Just part of the collecting obsession for me I suppose.

What I have tended to do is to buy any copy of a limited edition to have one in the collection and then try to get a lower number (and sell the original purchase).
11 Feb, 2010
2010-2-11 8:09:17 PM UTC
What about condition, my copy is in better condition than this one, but a much higher number (though this edition only had 250 copies printed)?

I personally am not that interested in the number and suspect that I may be in a minority here.
11 Feb, 2010
2010-2-11 8:20:53 PM UTC
Again, speaking for myself, when it comes to Deluxe Limited Editions, I generally only ever consider Fine Copies in Fine Slipcases (but may buy a Very Good to Near Fine Copy as a temporary copy if I came across a good deal), so a Fine Later Number (for me) would be much preferred to a Very Good/Near Fine Lower Number (with possible exception of copy numbers 1 to 5 of some of the editions).
11 Feb, 2010
2010-2-11 9:35:21 PM UTC
I also feel that quality (condition) is the primary driver before number, though a low number is a nice thing to have.
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