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What should I spend my £100 on- just for fun

What should I spend my £100 on- just for fun

Sep 4, 2010

OK this is meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun, just to see the range of ideas that come up. I have around £100 to spend on my next Tolkien purchase. Imagine yourself without any of the books you own, and tell me what YOU think I should spend my £100 on.

Currently I am thinking a later edition of the 1969 deluxe bible paper LOTR and the 2004 deluxe Hobbit.
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Sep 12, 2010

dunedain wrote:
Here's a nice item if you don't mind a little scuffing to the spine ... ction&hash=item230a0cd481

I think I would rather just send the rest to you David, and keep doing so each month until I take receipt of a rather special trio of books!
Sep 17, 2010
Well the folio edition never turned up, full refund offered, so it's back to the original £100, all of which I will be sending to David as a deposit on one of my top three wants!
Sep 23, 2010
This week I received the 1st/4th of RotK, so I didn't order the 'original' edition of Seinte Iuliene after all. Perhaps I will buy it too, but I'm still doubting. I found it for approx. £55 with original cover - not rebound like the one I mentioned and showed earlier in this thread - but it's a lot of money to me...
A photo of RotK is coming, but it's not that special to you guys, I think. (For me it is, as it is my first LotR 1st edition so I'm quite proud of it.)
Sep 23, 2010
I would be proud as well. I recently found later printings of first editions of the ROTK and TTT online, and am anxiously awaiting their arrival (they will be the only first editions in my collection).
Sep 24, 2010
Here's a photo of the book (although not really necessary as I already have posted a photo by the previous owner)

205_4c9ca89471bff.jpg 922X1229 px
Sep 24, 2010
As already mentioned (and you see from the picture), I believe that this is the only first edition LOTR edition with the impression details on the dust jacket spine. An unusual copy.
Sep 26, 2010
I have the 2nd and 3rd impressions of ROTK and both have the impression number on the spine as well. See below...

707_4c9f3e2d53dc7.jpg 2604X3472 px

707_4c9f3e3c4087c.jpg 2604X3472 px
Sep 26, 2010
Thanks, I did not know that the first impression dust-wrapper does not have the impression number on the dust-jacket spine.

Does anyone know which impression they stopped putting the impression number on the spine?
Sep 26, 2010
Yes - it was the fourth impression (May 1958)
Sep 26, 2010
Well I picked up a 1982 Deluxe LOTR India paper edition for £54.50 delivered today. Book in mint condition, box very good - can't wait as I really like the look of this book - it also came out in the year my wife was born which for some reason makes it feel special haha.
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