I noted the separate forum and read the posts before I found your notice on it. Personally, I think it a great idea. Such items truly belong in their own forum. Although I am not thinking of collecting any such items (I have one treasure and it could not be surpassed to my thinking), I remain curious about and like to see them, and I like the comments and sometime debates about such items.

As the question of signature authenticity comes up rather often, I am wondering if there is a (simple) way to collect/catalog and access the photos from items and create a database of examples of JRRT's signature. Should anyone have a question about a new item, it would eventually be a source of dozens (if not more) for comparison and discussion. I would be happy to contribute a photo of my calendar, for instance. I envision a short form (book or item details such as ISBN, date if known, publisher, printing, etc, date entered into database, source [private collection, eBay auction, etc], authentic? not? unknown?) to be completed by the submitter to the db. I recall a signed paperback Hobbit showing up on eBay multiple times. This would be a great entry.

I suppose it ought to include examples of outright fakes (as Beren has on Tolkien Library.)

Just a thought!

Away from The Green Hill Country,