I had someone ask for some research help and can't find my sources offhand - hopefully someone here can assist more?

Original question:

not having a copy of the Hammond & Anderson bibliography, I'm hoping someone can tell me about the typo in The Hobbit, List of Illustrations, 'Ratelves' for 'Raftelves' - was this in the first edition, and how long did it go on for before being corrected? I assume the early editions were not completely re-set?

From Hammond's Bibliography (~p. 15) - the Raft Elves image appeared in the 2nd impression only of the UK edition (no color plates in 1st impression, no plates in 3rd or fourth impressions). Not enough information on the US impressions - no mention of the "rat-elves" that I could find. I do recall reading up on this - maybe in a Tolkien Collector article?