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By laurel
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Tolkien Map ['The Way for a Hobbit']

23 Nov, 2010 (edited)
2010-11-23 4:56:36 PM UTC

Here is a good one to discuss: ... ction&hash=item4aa6849b97

Thoughts ?
I appreciate it comes from a good source but would like to hear views on it?
Is price realistic?

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23 Nov, 2010
2010-11-23 5:40:07 PM UTC
It was discussed here (in the members section) ... =ASC&type=&mode=0&start=0

and I notice it is still on Beren's site ( ... /object11/description.htm)

The summary is that it is not considered to be a genuine signed item.
23 Nov, 2010
2010-11-23 7:18:29 PM UTC
got the message... really should have fixed that! Now I see why! Time give me more time...

Guess I'm going to end up in the grave one day and there will be a text written on my grave: "had too many ideas and too little time for one live.."

will try and fix it asap!
23 Nov, 2010
2010-11-23 7:48:32 PM UTC
My gut feeling is that not only is it fake, but it's not even a good fake. It's a shame that someone pulled this out of a 1954 FotR. I am definitely in agreement that this cannot be Tolkien's writing.
23 Nov, 2010
2010-11-23 10:33:21 PM UTC
I was thinking just the same as alpingloin
23 Nov, 2010
2010-11-23 11:09:59 PM UTC
Can we assume the story of Angie talking to Rayner, and he running it by CT (btw, hope the old gent had a good 86th the other day...), is rubbish?

24 Nov, 2010
2010-11-24 6:52:56 AM UTC
I found it funny that CT was "of the opinion" that the ink was his father's from a fax transmission.
24 Nov, 2010
2010-11-24 12:04:57 PM UTC
This may be as reliable as the discredited claim that CT keeps wild boars in his garden to keep away fans, but I have heard that CT will only correspond by fax with his publishers, hence that would be the only way that he would have seen a copy of the item.
24 Nov, 2010
2010-11-24 1:20:55 PM UTC

Urulókë wrote:
I found it funny that CT was "of the opinion" that the ink was his father's from a fax transmission.

That's a good one! I hadn't caught that myself. Very funny.
24 Nov, 2010
2010-11-24 7:40:21 PM UTC
I have known Angie for many years and knew the story of it being shown to Rayner to get his opinion long before the item was sold by Daeron's, so that much is true. IIRC Rayner said that it was more than likely JRRT, but it was difficult to be entirely certain because JRRT's handwriting could vary enormously.

The book was "rediscovered" and bought for very little in a second hand bookshop I think, so not a deliberate fake made for profit anyway.
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