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Andrew Thomson Chess Set Question

1 Jun, 2011
2011-6-1 4:26:41 PM UTC

Paul Berg sent me this note to share with the community and ask for help. It appears that he is in Australia from his email address but I haven't confirmed that yet. I am helping him get pictures uploaded here as well.

Hi There “Tolkien” Friends.
In about 1976 I purchased my “Tolkien” Chess set, in an Art Gallery. The Chess Set was inspired by Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. It was Designed and Executed between January 1974 and February 1975 by Andrew Thomson.

The Pieces are:
Aragorn - White King
Eowyn - White Queen
Gandalf - White Bishop
Treebeard - White Rook
Frodo - White Pawn
Sauron - Black King
Shelob - Black Queen
Ringwraith - Black Bishop
Nazgul’s Steed - Black Knight
Orc - Black Pawn

As I am about to sell my home and need to move into smaller quarters, I am considering selling this set. The pieces and the handcrafted leather board are in a great condition and shows very little use. The board is set in a solid Blackwood table and is 73cmx114cm and 37 cm high. I would appreciate any feedback you may be able to offer.

Regards. Paul berg
2 Jun, 2011
2011-6-2 6:29:23 AM UTC
Hi Jeremy,
Yes I am in Australia.
Now, how do I upload the photo's?
Regards Paul
2 Jun, 2011 (edited)
2011-6-2 5:25:38 PM UTC
Reply to the message and select attach file.

10_4de7c78766422.jpg 592X193 px
3 Jun, 2011
2011-6-3 5:32:32 AM UTC
Hi There,
Yes, I live in Australia.
I am going to try to upload some photo's. Please look at the details.
Regards Paul berg

801_4de86fc940dad.jpg 2048X1360 px

801_4de86ff39503a.jpg 2048X1360 px

801_4de8702cd9d0e.jpg 2048X1360 px

801_4de8709f2bc62.jpg 2048X1360 px

801_4de870cd521d7.jpg 1360X2048 px

801_4de8711510fb5.jpg 1360X2048 px

801_4de8715bd3a7d.jpg 2048X1360 px

801_4de87195dea10.jpg 2048X1360 px

801_4de871cd1d1cd.jpg 1360X2048 px
3 Jun, 2011
2011-6-3 8:57:06 PM UTC
Why is Eowyn the white queen? Shouldn't that be Arwen? Cool set, though.
4 Jun, 2011
2011-6-4 12:34:18 AM UTC
Hi Andrew. I am not so sure about the name, but this is the name in the design of the set. Maybe somebody can shed some light on this. Regards, Paul
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