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3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 6:42:49 PM UTC
It also has a bar-code on the binding, the original blue printing does not.
3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 6:54:32 PM UTC

Caudimordax wrote:

Urulókë wrote:

I’ve only seen blue cloth boards for this book - what’s with the white boards here?

Could this be the answer? Surprised how long I had to ponder this one until this jumped out.

Ah! That would explain it, yes. So, it is a reprint.
3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 8:30:55 PM UTC
There are also reprints in green cloth published..

4779_5fa1bda90e3dd.jpeg 4032X3024 px

4779_5fa1bdc4bf407.jpeg 4032X3024 px
3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 9:13:27 PM UTC
Is there an accepted market value on these reprints?
3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 9:17:40 PM UTC
The reprints are MSRP of $122. There are lots of copies (10 or more) online on various marketplaces at around $100 in a search today. ... te/product.aspx?pc=E1016C
3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 10:20:47 PM UTC
Does anyone here have one of these recent reprints? If so, I'd be curious to know what the quality of the text is like.

For the second printing (and beyond, so far as I know), even though I delivered the book to the publisher as a camera-ready PDF, they actually made a lower-res and glitchy scan of the first printing and used that for the reprints! It made me doubly sad for the people who bought those poor-quality reprints and still paid the full (exorbitant) price.
3 Nov, 2020
2020-11-3 10:51:36 PM UTC
Here we have three randomly chosen pages from my green copy. The letters are printed sharp in high resolution

4779_5fa1debec2bdf.jpeg 4032X3024 px

4779_5fa1decd09db3.jpeg 4032X3024 px

4779_5fa1dedc0f882.jpeg 4032X3024 px
4 Nov, 2020
2020-11-4 12:56:53 AM UTC
Thanks, Ithildin! That's some comfort at least.
4 Nov, 2020
2020-11-4 7:54:22 AM UTC
The original Hb was reprinted at least four times.
5 Nov, 2020
2020-11-5 8:00:33 PM UTC
Ah, memories - I had Mr. West sign a handful of copies for me that I then sold - one has emerged onto the market again.

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