12 pages, photocopy, corner stapled.

Cover art - "The Hoard" by Anke Eissmann

"Tolkien In Love" Review by Nancy Martsch (BBC Radio drama, Aug 19)
"Mythcon 48 or What I Did on My Vacation" by Nancy Bunting
"A Tribute to Christopher Tolkien" call for submissions
"Tolkien and The Pickwick Papers" by Dale Nelson
"Crowdfunding Request for Tolkien Conference Concert" by Brad Eden
"Flora of Middle-earth" review by Ryder W. Miller
"The Frisian Translation of The Two Towers" review by Mark Hooker
"Tolkien References in Jack Taylor TV Series" by Mark Hooker
"Not So Cracked Up About Legolas" by Jan Long
"Tolkien Scrapbook" (references to Tolkien in popular media)
"About your Beyond Bree Roster & Subscription Status" by Nancy Martsch, Editor
"The 2018 Beyond Bree Calendar"
"Publications" (short reviews of publications received by Beyond Bree the prior month)
"New Subscribers"
"Letters to Beyond Bree"
"Tolkien News and Notes"
"Chance Encounter?" poem by Gordon J. Palmer