Not sure how useful others were finding the RSS feeds in the Links section - I wasn't, given the way the module put them all together, and that most (99% or so) were not specifically collecting related.

For the moment I have turned off all of the RSS feeds from other links (with apologies) while I do some experimenting to try and make the feature more useful to the site.

I have put a test feed in the links section from, for classified ads mentioning Tolkien. A reasonable number of hits come up, and I have bought some good stuff through the ads in the past.

Quick Jump to the RSS feeds page in Links

Please let me know if others find the idea of pumping classifieds through the RSS feeds a useful idea. I can also pump eBay search results in, but they have bugs so the search results in the RSS feed do not match the search results from the original query. I'm in touch with their technical support, but don't expect quick resolution. [As an aside, the search I did a test on was for auctions mentioning Tolkien, with a price of $100 or more, with 1 or more bids. Cuts out all the noise, gives 10 or so auctions per day that tend to be interesting.]

As another aside, a lot of people here may not be familiar with Craigslist. It is for face to face transactions only, they greatly discourage mail transactions (leaving those to eBay and the like.) If you see something interesting in the San Francisco listings, I am willing to work out a way to acquire the item for you and arrange shipping. Let me know if similar search results would be useful from other craigslist regions.