The first glimmers of additional information are starting to emerge about the BnF exhibition Tolkien - Voyage en Terre du Milieu de Ferre which will run October 22nd through February 16, 2020.

BnF has stated that the exhibition will showcase "close to 300 items spread out over 1000 square meters" of space. As a way of comparison, The Bodliean exhibition for Maker of Middle-earth last year had around 200 items, and just over half of that was shown in the Morgan exhibition earlier this year.

From the initial press materials, items that will be shown at BnF (not shown in MoMe exhibitions) include:
  • Book 1, Chapter 1, "A Long-Expected Party" manuscript page, December 1937 (Marquette)
  • Earliest sketch of Minas Tirith, October 1944 (Marquette)
  • Orthanc I sketch (Bodleian Library)
  • Shelob’s Lair sketch and manuscript page (Bodleian Library)
  • I Eldanyare : The History of the Elves (Silmarillion title page) 1937-8 (Bodleian Library)

I hope to have more to share quite soon. Anyone here planning to attend the opening?