French news is reporting that Christopher Tolkien passed away Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I will update this post with additional official news reporting as is becomes available.

Christopher has always been an amazing son, scholar, and estate executor. As a child he was an avid listener and a sharp sounding board for his father's writings. As an adult he was a robust scholar in his own right, but chose to dedicate his life to his father's legacy upon his passing in 1973. The insight, effort, and scholarship he brought to the Tolkien Estate allowed the world to see the inner workings of one of the greatest authors of our time - perhaps the best documented literary estate in the English language.

Christopher, your kindness, thoughtfulness, and support for your fans and fans of your father will always be remembered. I wish peace and comfort to your family and friends in this difficult time, and hope they all know how much you are loved, worldwide.

"You were so special a gift to me, in a time of sorrow and mental suffering, and your love, opening at once almost as soon as you were born, foretold to me, as it were in spoken words, that I am consoled ever by the certainty that there is no end to this. Probable under God that we shall meet again, 'in hale and in unity', before very long, dearest, and certain that we have some special bond to last beyond this life..."
- J.R.R. Tolkien, Letter to Christopher Tolkien, 30th April 1944.

"It is hard indeed to believe that one of so great wisdom, and of power – for many wonderful things he did among us – could perish, and so much lore be taken from the world."--JRR Tolkien, The Two Towers.