I received notification today that eBay will no longer allow sellers to have their funds deposited into PayPal from March 17 2021, that payments for sold items will have to be deposited directly into a bank account (regardless of how the buyer paid for the item).

eBay bought PayPal back in 2002, and they split into two companies again in 2015. They had a five year deal at that point for PayPal to be exclusive for five years, which expired in 2020. They have signed an extension for PayPal to still be supported as a way for buyers to pay for items until 2023, but it is not clear if PayPal will be allowed beyond that point, as eBay is building out their own payment system for buyers that they claim is much better than PayPal.

Frustrating to me personally, as I have never given bank account information to any of these payment services. I guess I will not be selling on eBay any more, moving forward.