The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck and Guide
By Casey Gilly
Illustrated by Tomas Hijo ... Casey-Gilly/9781647228095

Publisher: Insight Editions (a division of Simon & Schuster)
September 6, 2022
Length: 78 pages
ISBN13: 9781647228095
Licensed from Middle-earth Enterprises

Featuring original artwork inspired by classic tarot iconography, this 78-card deck comprises both major and minor arcana and depicts fan-favorite characters, creatures, and scenes from The Lord of the Rings novels. Packaged in a collectible gift box, it’s the perfect gift for The Lord of the Rings fans and tarot enthusiasts alike.

75+ BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED CARDS: Features stunning, exclusive artwork of everyone from heroes like Sam Gamgee and Legolas to sinister antagonists Gollum and Sauron!

HELPFUL GUIDE: Learn the basics of tarot with the included bonus guide, with handy explanations behind the meaning of each card as well as a few simple spreads for easy readings.

COLLECTIBLE GIFT BOX: The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck and Guide comes packaged in a handsome, collectible gift box.

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