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Rings of Power non-book merchandise

26 Jul, 2022
2022-7-26 9:26:49 PM UTC

I'll use this thread for Rings of Power merchandise as I come across things - excluding book cover tie-in editions, which have their own topic.
26 Jul, 2022
2022-7-26 9:28:10 PM UTC
Rings of Power Ice Cream flavors from Salt & Straw:

I've asked if these will be orderable online (they do offer online orders on their website, but these flavors are not listed there at this time).

1_62e05c69e4466.jpeg 2548X3186 px
27 Jul, 2022
2022-7-27 3:49:00 PM UTC
I'm really sad that this looks like it will just be available in the USA.
27 Jul, 2022
2022-7-27 7:39:20 PM UTC
I'm just really sad about this.
27 Jul, 2022
2022-7-27 8:04:52 PM UTC
Why? Merchandise is a normal part of any major release and has been so since at least the 1800s.
27 Jul, 2022
2022-7-27 8:12:07 PM UTC
I think it's fun. What better way to introduce the young ones to Tolkien than with a sweet treat?
"Let's get ice cream Jr...oh what this here on the carton? Let me tell you a little bit about Frodo and the Ring."
27 Jul, 2022
2022-7-27 8:32:05 PM UTC
I don't have a problem with this specific merchandise. Realistically it doesn't add additional landfill because they would be shipping a different carton of ice cream if not this one. I wouldn't buy it, mostly because I'm already too fat.

I will have a problem with much of the other plastic crap that is going to come along - because we need to wean ourselves off producing unnecessary landfill. We won't, but we need to.
27 Jul, 2022
2022-7-27 8:36:01 PM UTC
I'm not much of a merch guy but my niece loves all things merch and organises it all as she likes that month. Then she starts all over again and rearranges to her latest liking. She likes tangible products as attached to her favourite shows, books, music and computer games. Merch doesn't hurt anyone.

Edit: Though Stu raises a good point about plastic. Happy to say my niece keeps all her merch and it is mostly plush.
27 Jul, 2022 (edited)
2022-7-27 10:25:56 PM UTC

onthetrail wrote:

Why? Merchandise is a normal part of any major release and has been so since at least the 1800s.

For me it's just sad to see middle-earth get dragged deeper and deeper into the rampant consumerism and commercialism of this 8 billion strong dash for instant gratification. While I believe in the market I also think we should strive to limit ourselves. ME for me is something far removed from actionfigures, amazon shopping bags and ice cream. This is my private opinion. I dont mind people having other views.

I should add that I suspect this entire show is ice cream/bubblegum with tolkiens name on it. I suppose that makes me even less tolerant of this kind of marketing. If the show rocks I might try a spoon or two :)
28 Jul, 2022
2022-7-28 12:08:48 AM UTC
I've been told by Salt & Straw that the flavors were an extremely limited promotion (sounds like specifically in San Diego only for ComicCon). They are no longer available.
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