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ISO / Looking for : Centenary Deluxe 1992 Lord of the Rings trilogy limited edition signed Alan Lee

30 Jan, 2023
2023-1-30 3:45:53 AM UTC

Looking for this limited edition of LOTR trilogy, only 250 were produced. Please message me if you have any information, thank you.

5603_63d73d202574d.png 1192X1734 px
30 Jan, 2023
2023-1-30 3:52:57 AM UTC
These come up for sale about once a year...maybe twice if you're lucky. Here are the last two to appear on the market and what they sold for. Good luck
27 Apr, 2023
2023-4-27 1:13:50 AM UTC
Update: I was fortunate enough to find one recently on eBay. It's a truly glorious set to see in person - pictures really don't do it justice.

5603_6449cc4ee7981.jpg 2365X2451 px
27 Apr, 2023
2023-4-27 1:59:08 AM UTC
27 Apr, 2023
2023-4-27 2:06:17 AM UTC
That's it indeed.
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