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TCG Giveaway!

4 Feb, 2007
2007-2-4 7:13:04 AM UTC

For the month of February, everyone who contributes to TCG (discussion forums, classifieds, links, Guide entries, news, comments) will have their name put in a drawing for a free giveaway. I've pulled a few mathoms for the winner to choose one of - the others (and hopefully some new ones) to be up again if this is popular enough to be a regular thing.

For those areas that anonymous posts are active, as long as I can figure out who you are you'll be entered as well.

Please let me know if you like this idea! (Hey, that'll enter you in the drawing.)

This month's options to choose from:

A. 2005 16 month "The Tolkien Art of the Brothers Hildebrant" calendar, still brand new and sealed in shrinkwrap.

B. Orcrist #3 (Tolkien Journal Vol. 4. no. 1, whole number 11) - Cover art "The Hornberg in Helm's Deep" by Tim Kirk. Orcrist no. 3 page in TCG

C. Four vintage 1960's buttons - "Frodo Lives" (green and red), "Tolkien is Hobbit Forming", "Come to Middle-earth". (Yes, they are a bit stained - they're old!)

1_45c584f4a52cd.jpg 353X350 px

1_45c58626e941e.jpg 239X311 px

1_45c58764d3303.jpg 351X314 px
5 Feb, 2007
2007-2-5 8:21:56 AM UTC
Oh, very nice! Just love the buttons... If i have time i think i'm going to build a small collection of those.
25 Feb, 2007
2007-2-25 2:48:28 PM UTC
Is it one entry no matter how many times you post? Or one entry for each post? If it's the latter, you'll not see the end of me!

Seriously, I think it a nice idea. I have the calendar (big surprise, wot?) I'm with Beren in thinking the buttons are cool (and wouldn't take up much space in my already crowded home).

Away from The Green Hill Country,

25 Feb, 2007
2007-2-25 2:55:09 PM UTC
In Belgium they are very hard to find... I think most of them are in America anyways. So to me they look very cool...
26 Feb, 2007
2007-2-26 7:45:14 AM UTC
Hey Guys,

my intent was to encourage new visitors to speak up a bit, so the February contest is one entry per person (nothing against Beren, who would otherwise have about a 50% chance of winning the buttons.) Please don't stop posting though!

Sounds like the buttons are popular enough to be a repeat mathom for a future drawing (or swapping, or as thank yous to those who support the site a lot.) I have extras...
1 Mar, 2007
2007-3-1 11:38:20 AM UTC
Those buttons are nice. I have many contemporary ones, but haven't found many vintage 60s buttons so far.
1 Mar, 2007
2007-3-1 11:54:56 AM UTC
Haha... well maybe we need to make some commercial for the boards on all our personal sites... maybe that way we'll get some more members.
2 Mar, 2007
2007-3-2 10:55:29 PM UTC
I can't argue with more advertising (yes please!), but numbers are growing reasonably for such a young site. I think the amount of discussion / traffic will go up exponentially when I actually get some book content on here instead of all this other stuff. (There are just so many good book sites, I always find myself poking at fanzines or other items that are hard to find online... I really will start the US book upload soon, I have a ton of scans and info to do.)
2 Mar, 2007
2007-3-2 11:03:35 PM UTC
And the winner for the February drawing is.... Dior! I used to generate a random number against my list of contributors, so you were chosen by atmospheric noise.

Let me know what you would like on or offline, and I'll get it off to you. I'll have a list of mathom's for March as soon as you pick something, and the list of contributors is already gathering.
3 Mar, 2007
2007-3-3 1:08:58 PM UTC
Well done Dior! That was a nice gesture... Does anyone know by chance more about "Remy"... he has done some posts here. But I can't find more info and wish to contact him (her).
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