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The Call for Papers is out for next year's Tolkien at Kalamazoo sessions, May 7-10. Proposals should be sent to the organizer, Dr. Robin Reid, at the address below.

Robin Anne Reid
Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Dept. of Literature and Languages
Commerce, TX 75429
Phone: 903-886-5268
Fax: 903-886-5980

Tolkien's Poetry and Song: Paper Session: Songs and formal poetry play a vital part in Tolkien's Legendarium, from his creation myth to the use of song as a method of historical transmission. He wrote original poetry written in Old English as well as translating major medieval works. The growing critical movement away from early dismissal of his poetry to considering his work in the context of modern war poetry as well as medieval aesthetics will be the topic of this session.

Tolkien's Revisions and Contradictions: Paper Session: The publication of the twelve-volume History of Middle-earth series as well as other publications edited by Christopher Tolkien offer scholars a unique chance to analyze the process of revisions undergone by Tolkien from his first linguistic creations during World War I to work produced just before his death. Tolkien's revisions and contradictions offer an area for critical scholarship that has just begun to explore the work through archival work as well as drawing on the published manuscripts.

The Children of Húrin: Paper Session: The publication of a novel based on one of the early myths of Tolkien's First Age provides a new text for scholarly work. After this year's roundtable, the need for sustained analytical papers was clear.

Teaching Tolkien: Roundtable: The demand for more classes on Tolkien's work at all levels is growing. With the MLA's approval for a "Teaching Tolkien" volume in their Teaching series, this session will focus on a range of approaches for Teaching Tolkien at the college level.

Tolkien's "On Fairy Stories": Roundtable: The publication of a definitive edition of Tolkien's seminal essay, along with variants and excluded material, edited by Verlyn Flieger and Doug Anderson, provides an opportunity for scholars to examine the implications of Tolkien's ideas on modern literature and fantasy.

Tolkien Unbound: Friday evening Performance:
"Songs for Philologists" Douglas Anderson (directing)
"Baldor's Saga" writer/director John Wm. Houghton

More information about the conference is available on the Congress website.