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Organization: Sociedad Tolkien Española (José Manuel Ferrández Bru, C/Nueva San Antonio 3-3ª, 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain).

Activities: The STE organized a lecture on the "Origins of Tolkien's Epic"; an exposition of books and foreign publications; a dinner; and, a speech on Middle-earth for the Hispacon '93 (Spanish Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference) which occurred from 21-24 October.

Publications: Estel [Spanish, irregular]. Boletín Informativo de la Sociedad Tolkien Española [Spanish, irregular]. Publications can be obtained by exchange of other Tolkien organizations' publications.

Sub-organizations ("Smials"):

Doriath (Pablo Gines Rodriguez, c/ Florencia, 7, 3°D, 08026 Barcelona, Spain).

Activities: The smial hosted a Tolkien anniversary feast with medieval games on 3 January. A paper, "Vida y obra de J.R.R. Tolkien", was read on 5 February. They organized a medieval fantasy masquerade and dinner on 19 February (Carnaval Feast) and played a public performance of the Battle of the Five Armies in a wargame on 27 March (with related maps and pictures displayed). From 23-25 April in the Centro Cívico de San Ildefonso in Cornellè activities included debate about role-playing in Middle-earth, a paper was read,

the Bakshi film The Lord of the Rings was viewed and there was an exposition of Anniversary pictures. A lecture on Túrin Turambar was given on 25 September; a paper on Life in the Kingdom of Gondor was presented on 19 November; and, a debate on the Evolution of Fantasy Literature was held on 17 December.

Gondolin (Luis Goñi Navarro, Av. Pio XII, no 31, 7° D, 31008 Pamplona (Navarra), Spain).

Activities: The smial organized a Bilbo's Birthday Feast in October in a medieval inn.

Khazad-dum (Santiago Gª Solans, Cmno. de las Torres, 112, 7° 2ª, 50007 Zaragoza, Spain).

Publications: Elfstone [Spanish, irregular]. Subscription cost is 1200 Spanish ptas. Lothlórien [Spanish, monthly]. Subscription cost is unknown.

Additional information: Elfstone and Lothlórien are both general science fiction and fantasy magazines.

Mithlond, los Puertos Grises (José David Marhuenda Ferrero, C/Doctor Sapena no 70, 03201 Elche (Alicante), Spain).

Rivendell-Imladris (Luis González Baixauli, C/Pisuerga 4, 4° A, 47009, Valladolid, Spain).

Activities: The first Tolkien Conference in Valladolid was held from 4-5 January. During the conference a speech was given on Middle- earth's history; a debate was held on Tolkien and Role Playing; and, role playing games were played. Also, there was an exposition on role playing games' Middle-earth pictures and mistakes in role playing game modules. Monthly meetings were held at a pub to read and comment on The Silmarillion. The smial hosted a "hobbits from Bree" dinner in July.

Publications: Kenbeo Kenmaro [not seen].

Additional information: Kenbeo Kenmaro is a general science fiction and fantasy magazines.

Tol-In-Gaurhoth (Jesús Fernández Lozano, C/Ronda de los Tejares, 34, Portal 1, 2° 2, 14001 Córdoba, Spain).

Activities: A lecture "Mitopoeia: una visión filosófica de la vida y obra de J.R.R. Tolkien" was given at the University of Granada (Spain) on 11 May.

This content was originally written by Hildifons Took (Sumner Hunnewell) more than a decade ago, and is reprinted here with permission. Please see Tolkien Fannish and Scholarly Activities and Publications for 1993 for the main article page.

Tolkien Activities 1993 - Addenda of groups not listed for 1992.

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