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Aglared #19

  • Tolkiens Tragödie (Andreas Bigger)
      A discussion of the implications of a Copernican world view superimposed over the Ainulindalë
  • Die spinnen, die Kiwis! (Felix Bühler)
      A visit to New Middle-Earth
  • Quizfragen (Andreas Bigger / Cosima Wernli)
      Some questions from the Tolkien Quiz 2004
  • Review of Tolkien Biography (Sjoerd van der Weide)
      A review of Michael White's Tolkien biography
  • Baumbart (Cosima Wernli)
      Dendrochronology, applied to Tolkien's Ents
  • Im Falschen Film (Felix Bühler / Kathrin Rüegg / Cosima Wernli)
      Some of the Eredain went to see The Ring Thing
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