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Aglared #9, 1991

  • April, 1991
  • Published separately in German and English, English TOC below

  • A Tolkien Day in The Hague (Kathrin Rüegg)
  • Hohoho, to Rivendell we go! (Sjoerd van der Weide)
  • Kinstrife Revisited (Peter Bolton / Peter Buchs)
  • The Man who Refused to See the Light (Jasna Crossan)
  • Ascent to Glory (Peter Buchs)
  • Tolkien's Ring-poem in Cajun (Gary S. Hunnewell)
  • Should we add to Tolkien's Stories? (Claudia Bracher)
  • The Seven Kings (Sjoerd van der Weide)
  • Life in an all too modern World (Peter Buchs)
  • The Thing on the Window-sill (Tamara Kistner)
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