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Amon Hen Vol. 128

Reprinted by kind permission of The Tolkien Society - all rights reserved.

  • Cover: Untitled by Matthew Bave
  • Editorial by Richard Fraser Overton
  • The Sales Pitch by Malcolm Lindley
  • Behind Glass Doors by Annie Haward
  • The Reckonings of Middle-earth by Martin Barker
  • Artwork: Flight from Osgiliath by Howard J. Bates
  • 25th Anniversary Quiz by Helen Armstrong
  • Artwork: Grip! Fang! Wolf! by R. Bell
  • Bricks and Brickmaking in the Shire by Ian Smalley and Sally Bijl
  • Artwork: Goblin King by R. Bell
  • A Visit to Roger Garland by Valerie Sutton
  • The Proposal by Lyn Ritchie
  • Poem: The Fate of the Silmarils by Keith Rawson
  • Artwork: proposed 25th Anniversary Logo by Andrew Thorne
  • Annie's Allsorts by Annie Haward
  • Letters to the Shire
  • Mathom by Jason Finch
  • Small Press by Annie Haward
  • Tolk Folk
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