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  • England
  • January-November 1972 - 4 issues (numbered 0-3) were an official Tolkien Society publication, fanzine continued independently thereafter
  • John Martin, ed.
  • 1972-1979
  • Issue page size changes from issue to issue (irregular)
  • Nos. 0-7 in Marquette Hunnewell collection
  • First three issues have subtitle: The bulletin of the Tolkien Society
  • Later issues have subtitle: Magazine of fantasy
  • Andúril 0 - January 1972. 14 pp.
  • Andúril 1 - April 1972
  • Andúril 2 - June 1972
  • Anduril 3 - November, 1972, 48 pp.
  • John Martin, ed.
  • Bushey, Herts, England
  • "Magazine of Fantasy" subtitle begins with this issue
  • At this point the publication does not have the accent (so Anduril rather than Andúril)
  • Editorial, p. 5
  • The Voice of the Myth-maker by Marion Zimmer Bradley, p. 7
  • Rhadamanthus (Poem) by A. R. Fallone, p. 14
  • Clark Ashton Smith - A Portfolio by Jim Pitts, p. 15
  • The Bookshop p. 19
  • By Tennyson Out of Disney by M. John Harrison, p. 25
  • Lizard's Leg & Owlet's Wing (News & reviews by Stephen Jones), p. 29
  • Gimli's Middle-earth Word, p. 33
  • Mail from Middle-earth, p. 35
  • Advertisements, p. 46
  • Anduril 4 - July 1974. 40 pp.
  • John Martin, ed
  • Liverpool, England
  • 7" x 10"
  • On the Making of Khymyrium by Lin Carter
  • The Bookshop, being the book section by Pat McIntosh, Jessica Kembell-Cook, and Jon Harvey
  • The Legend of Ahab Tubar, a long poem of Arabian magic and adventure by Bernard King
  • Falcon's Mate by Pat McIntosh, the first story of Thula, warrior-maid of the Order of the Moon
  • The Warriors of Sunev, an art portfolio by Ken Simpson
  • Mail from Middle-earth, letters of a fantasy nature from Catherine McEvoy, Jim Allan, Robert Bloch, Pat McIntosh, Jon Harvey, John Jakes, and John Abbott
  • Art by Jim Cawthorn (cover), John Martin, Tim Kirk, Susan Schulman, Don Simpson, Alan Hunter, Ken Simpson, Kevin O'neill, Mike Gilbert, Joe Pearson
  • Anduril 5 - July 1975. 36 pp.
  • John Martin, etc.
  • Liverpool, England
  • The Trappings of Fantasy by Pat McIntosh
  • The Kiss of Asgard by Adrian Cole
  • Hominia Superior by Amos Salmonson
  • Lich Dance by Gordon Larkin
  • Cugel a la Shea by Mike Ashley
  • Alan Hunter: A Portfolio
  • Cry Wolf by Pat McIntosh
  • On How to Avoid the Curse of the Black Warts, Apocalypse on a Plain by Gordon Larkin
  • The Dark is Recuperating by Archie Mercer
  • Mail from Middle-earth: letters by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jim Cawthorn, Ken Bulmer, Amos Salmonson, Fritze Leiber and Gordon Larkin
  • Art by Jan Sitek (cover), Steve Jones, Grant Canfield, Joe Pearson, Bernie Zuber, Jim Schull, Jan Sitek, Jim Pitts, Dennis Lee, Alan Hunter, Ray Garcia Capella, Wayne Macdonald, Kevin O'Neill
  • Anduril 6 - August 1976. 48 pp.
  • John Martin, ed.
  • Skelmersdale, Lancaster, England
  • A Song for Saralinda by Joe Christopher, p. 2
  • Editorial by John Martin, p. 5
  • Ring of Black Stone by Pat McIntosh, p. 7
  • Lankhmar & Lands Around by Fritz Lieber, p. 15
  • The Sleeping God by Adrian Cole, p. 18
  • Random Jottings from Our Notebook: 1 by The Old Professor, p. 24
  • The Bookshop, p. 25
  • Random Jottings from Our Notebook: 2 by The Old Professor, p. 29
  • Chamber of the Manticore by Kerry Newcomb & Frank Schaefer, p. 31
  • The Magic of the Dying Earth by Dave McFerran, p. 35
  • The Stomping Grounds of the Gods by Amos Salmonson, p. 39
  • Mail from Middle-earth, p. 42
  • Illustrators: Ray Garcia Capella, Alan Hunter, David Lloyd, Russ Nicholson, Jim Pitts
  • Anduril 7 - February 1979. 52 pp.
  • UK
  • Caravan to Kuthchemes by Raul Garcia Cappela
  • Postcard from Persia by Gordon Larkin
  • L. Frank Baum: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Ben P. Indick
  • Sleuths & Spooks by Roger Johnson
  • Herowhine by Tanith Lee
  • Denethor by Paula Katherine Marmor
  • Ben Indick's Bookshop: Of Tolkien and the Tolkienesque
  • Art by David Lloyd, John Grandfield, Russ Nicholson, Harry Bell, Tanith Lee, Alan Hunter, Grant Canfield, Joe Pearson
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