Tales from the Perilous Realm: Roverandom and Other Classic Faery Stories
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Annúminas v4 n6

Contents: [Note - mismarked as Volume 4 number 5 on the Table of Contents page]
  • Arwen Waits for Aragorn by "Finlaurië" Farkas
  • Dear Readers
  • Editors' Columns
  • The Jewel of Hope by Renee (Arwen) Alper
  • Illustration by Ingrid Kallick (Yavanna)
  • Returning by Rosemary Lane (Fíriel)
  • Glorfindel by Alex Madai (Eltaridil)
  • Letters to Rivendell
  • Puzzle by Debbie Bradford
  • Elvish Message by Renee (Arwen) Alper
  • January Calendar
  • The King Returns by Diane F. Fisli (Menelmacar)
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