La Hobito, aŭ, Tien kaj Reen: The Hobbit in Esperanto
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Deephollow Delver

  • Stony Run, Pennsylvania
  • Middle-earth Marionettes and Story-tellers
  • 1981, single issue
  • Edited by Carl and Patricia Odher
  • in Marquette Hunnewell collection
The Middle-earth Marionettes and Story-tellers of Stony Run, Pa. are a travelling troupe. This is "a publication written by hobbits. Riddles, truths, and new ideas, like small jewels, are hidden among its pages, which offer challenge and humor. Special crafts, music, and games are included." One sold on eBay in fantastic shape and with Bilbo paper doll insert for $101 in Oct 2006.
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