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Endòre #2

  • http://www.endore.it/ita/fanzine_02.htm [Italian]
  • December 1999
  • Editorial

  • A "small" work yet to be done, edited by Endòre
  • Articles

  • Tolkien as an antitotalitarian, by Jessica Dates
  • A reflection on Tom Bombadil, by Fiorenzo delle Rupi
  • Evil circularity and Good paradoxicality, by Giuseppe Roncari
  • An Hobbit' protohistory, by Ruth Bacon
  • Forum

  • An invitation to read the LofR, by "Anonymous"
  • An Esperanto philologist, edited by Endòre
  • Report of Oxonmoot 99, by Lorenzo Daniele
  • Round-table: the Hobbits, edited by Endòre
  • The Movie, from Internet
  • Blind Guardian' Songs, by Nicola Farinelli
  • Enya and Tolkien, edited by Endòre
  • The top-ten bestsellers, edited by Endòre
  • Prejudices about the French, edited by Endòre
  • Thank You, Gary, edited by Endòre
  • Fiction

  • If Animals Can Talk, by Alex Lewis (reprinted from Nigglings)
  • The Five Hundred Archers of the County, by Enrico Imperatori
  • Reviews

  • Bilbo, by Edoardo Sbaffi
  • Songs of M-E, by Edoardo Sbaffi
  • Tolkien and M-E Handbook, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
  • JRRT's life, by Elena Grecchi
  • Tolkien at the cinema - second part, by Agostino Maiello
  • Marco Paggi: The Sword and The Maze, by Franco Manni
  • Beloved Hobbits, We Are In Trouble, by Giuseppe Roncari
  • Columns

  • JRRT's opinion about ..., by Franco Manni
  • Quenya, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
  • Internet Corner, by Andrea Alberici
  • Gollum's Cave, by Edoardo Vitto and Lorenzo Daniele
  • Mathom, by Riccardo Moretti, Roberto di Meglio, Luigi Sbaffi
  • The Hobbiville Library, by Enrico Imperatori
  • The Archives of Minas Tirith, by Franco Manni
  • Girsa
  • Double-cross, by Enrico Clementel
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