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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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Guide to Tolkien's Letters
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La Feuille de la Compagnie #1, 2001

  • Official website
  • No longer in print
  • 200 pages
  • ISBN: 2-914405-07-3
  • French
  • 15 Euros
  • Michaël Devaux, ed.

  • Synopsis of The Book of Lost Tales, by Michaël Devaux
  • Corrigenda for Livre des Contes Perdus(The Book of Lost Tales), by Mr. Devaux and S. Mallet,
  • "Dior et les siens", by Sebastien Mallet
  • "L'ombre de la mort"(Shades of Death) in Tolkien, by Michaël Devaux
  • "La disparition des Géants"(The Disappearance of the Giants), by Sebastien Mallet
  • Review of Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, millenium edition, by Cédric Fockeu
  • Review of Tolkien, Roverandom, by C Fockeu
  • Review of Tolkien, "From Quendi and Eldar, Appendix D", by Didier Willis
  • Review of Tolkien, "Ósanwe-kenta", by Mr. Devaux
  • Review of Tolkien, "Etymological Notes on the Ósanwe-kenta", "From The Shibboleth of Fëanor", "Notes on Óre", by D. Willis
  • Review of N I Agøy, éd., "Between Faith and Fiction", by Mr. Devaux
  • Review of N Bonnal, Tolkien. Les univers d'un magicien, by Mr. Devaux
  • Review of P. Curry, Defending Middle-earth, by Tom. A. Shippey
  • Review of V Flieger, Splintered Light, by S. Mallet
  • Review of V Flieger & C F Hostetter, Tolkien's Legendarium, by Mr. Devaux
  • Review of J Pearce, Tolkien - Man and Myth, by Mr. Devaux
  • Review of W. A. Senior, éd., "The Tolkien Issue" from the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, by Mr. Devaux
  • Review of S. van der Weide, éd., Proceedings of Unquendor's Third Lustrum Conference, by Mr. Devaux
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