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Hobbit, czyli, Tam i z powrotem

  • Warsaw: Iskry
  • 1960
  • Translated by Maria Skibniewska
  • Illustrated by Jan Młodożeniec (Mlodozeniec)
  • 10,000 copies[1]
Source: The Annotated Hobbit (Revised and expanded edition, 2002) - Used with permission "23 November 1960. Tolkien writes to Alina Dadlez, thanking her for the Polish Hobbit. He hopes to get comments on the translation from his friend Professor Mroczkowski of Cracow. The illustrations are 'Mordoresque'. " (p.564, "The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide - Chronology" - Scull & Hammond, 2006) Images courtesy Marek Śliwiński (elfy)'s Hobbit collection at Babel Hobbits
[1] Information courtesy Marek Śliwiński (elfy) from the copyright page of his copy of the book.
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