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Hoom #1 - 1968

  • June 1968
  • Bee Bowman, Frank Denton, eds.
  • "Published quarterly by the the Wyver's Cave, Mukilteo, and Michel Delving Ferry System Press to satisfy the N'APA requirements of Bee Bowman... and Frank Denton"
  • Art by Frank Denton, Joe Zalabak, Bee Bowman.

    Table of Contents
  • Gollum's Grandmother, p. 1
  • Frankly Speaking, pp. 2-3
  • Date with Kate, p. 3
  • Teen Column, p. 4
  • The Glittering Caves, p. 5
  • Beryl The Elf-Stone, pp. 6-8
  • Swordpoint, pp. 9-10
  • Book Review, p. 11
  • Limerick, p. 12
  • River-Daughter, pp. 13-15
  • Mailing Comments, pp. 16-18

From Bee's editorial, "As all, or most of, the zines devoted to Tolkien have become scarce or non-existent - or at least infrequent - HOOM has been started in an attempt to gather together the fen of Tolkiendom." Frankly speaking mentions that I Palantir was circulated to only a select group, and that Entmoot emphasized the languages of Middle-earth. The Glittering Caves is a nice 1 page line illustration. Beryl is an article about Emeralds in geology and literature (even the Bible) and how that relates to Aragorn's Elf-stone. The letters section (Swordpoint) touches on a bibliography of works relating to intelligent trees, and forthcoming art and Tengwar from John Closson. My favorite is a book review (reprinted from Library Journal, May 1 1968) on William Ready's The Tolkien Relation: "Criticisms, studies, and examinations are harbingers of the passing of a literary fad and diminishing popularity of an author's work." River-Daughter is a nice analysis of the available information on Goldberry. The Mailing comments are to fulfill N'APA requirements, and are personal notes to other amateur publishers - none Tolkien related.

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