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Creatures of Middle-earth

  • "A Bestiary of Animals and Monsters"
  • 1988
  • #8005
  • 1988, #8005
  • Authors: Ruth Sochard Pitt, Jeff O'Hare, Peter C. Fenlon, Jr.
  • 64 pp.
  • This book was replaced by the 2nd Edition Creatures of Middle-Earth (1994) sourcebook.

In a fantasy role playing game, you become a main character in an adventure you create. With Creatures of Middle-earth you can add the creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS to your fantasy game. Here are Endor's most powerful creatures, the famous and infamous beasts and monsters who affect the history of Middle-earth. Summon them to add drama and danger to your game.

How would you like to duel Smaug the Dragon or hunt a Kraken in the rough Southern Seas? Could you outrace a Fell Beast or vanquish an undead Barrow-wight? Have you ever tried to tame a wild Kine or elude a hungry pack of Wargs?

This volume describes the animals and monsters in Tolkien's world. Each species has a general history and a character glossary that alphabetically lists major individuals. These beings are described in terms of appearance, motivation, characteristics, and background. Game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster game systems are also included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

    Inside you'll find:
  • Animals - everything from Great Eagles and Mearas of Rohan to the lowly Neekerbreekers
  • Flying Beasts
  • Crawling Beasts
  • Swimming Beasts
  • Monsters - ranging from fiery Dragons to pitiless Wargs
  • Animate Plants
  • Demons
  • Drakes
  • Flying Monsters
  • Giant Races
  • Pûkel-creatures
  • Spiders
  • Water Monsters
  • Undead
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