The Lord of the Rings Deluxe Edition
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Lord of the Rings Poster Map

  • 1997
  • #2024
  • ISBN unknown
  • Artist: Jo Hartwig
This map is the most colorful and detailed view of the Middle-Earth ever rendered. This 2' by 3' full color map is an invaluable companion to anyone interest in exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's brilliant mythic world. Painted by the acclaimed German artist Jo Hartwig and illustrated by Rob Alexander, Eric David Anderson, Douglas Chaffee, J. Wallace Jones, and Margaret Organ-Keane, it is a wondrous interpretation of the original map drawn by Christopher Tolkien and included in his father's remarkable fantasy trilogy. The Lord of the Rings is printed on an exceptionally heavy, durable, high-quality low gloss paper. It has the look and feel of a fine antique map. Its lavish cartography, details all Middle-Earth's principal sites and geographic features, giving you an incomparable sense of the landscape. Now you can delve into Tolkien's stories and adventures as never before.
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