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Miruvor - Hilary 1995

  • January? 1995
  • farewell issue of the editor, Anke B|ttner
  • 28 pp.
  • A5

The lead-off article by Sarah Mackie examines how Tolkien is seen in the light of the theories of personal creativity as outlined in Howard Gardner's Creating Minds. Mackie concludes that one should not read too much into the prominence of Tolkien's published works in Tolkien's own life ("Middle-earth was not the centre of Tolkien's life or his career"--which reminded me of a story from Pauline Baynes: when her husband and Tolkien got together, they talked about automobiles not Middle-earth). Less serious articles include different defenders for two races of Middle-earth: one for dwarves (which explains, among other things, that long dwarven beards may have been caused by excess testosterone) and one for dragons (who were peaceful until the two-legged folk moved into the area). Two other misunderstandings are also cleared up. The first is the fact that Tolkien based all of Middle-earth's geography on Oxford (and proof is shown with a redrawn map and a retelling of The Lord of the Rings) and the second is that Sauron was not defeated as explained by Western propaganda but the reasons are clearly shown with the new findings from the archives of the Barad-dur. Lots of other items in the issue: an Oliphaunt poem from Anna Bowles, a succinct (sort of) retelling of The Hobbit (sort of) in limerick form (sort of), a gossip page (with the names of the accused that makes Scandal! look absolutely cryptic by comparison), a review of Morgoth's Ring, and games.

Review by Sumner Hunnewell

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