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Niekas #11

  • March 15, 1965
  • 80pp.
  • Felice Rolfe, Ed Meskys, eds.
  • mimeographed
  • cover art by Jerry Burge
  • pullout insert by Biull Reynolds (11" x 17")
  • Other artwork by Other artwork is by Diana Paxson, Glenn Primm, Andrew Porter, Bernie Zuber, Jack Harness, Richard P. Schultz, Hannes Bok, Astrid Anderson, Robert E. Gilbert, Poul Anderson, Arthur Thomson (“ATom”), Randy Scott, Felice Rolfe, Ed Meskys and others
  • Back cover by Bjo Trimble
  • "A Glossary of Middle-earth" by Al Halevy (pp. 13-?27)
  • "Definitive Word on The Silmarillion" from George Allen & Unwin (p. 40)
  • “Schizophrenia and ‘The Book of Changes’” by Philip K. Dick
  • "The Marchin' Barnacles" by Carl Frederick
  • "SF in the Public Library" by Grace Warren
  • "Of Hannes Bok" by Emil Petaja
  • and more
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