The Two Towers: J.R.R. Tolkien: Book 2 (The Lord of the Rings)
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Niekas #19

  • December 1968
  • Ed Meskys, Felice Rolfe, eds.
  • 70 pp.
  • mimeographed; edge stapled


  • "A glossary of Middle Earth, continued" by Bob Foster (pp. 16-22)
  • "Tolkien Dust Jackets" by Daina Paxton (artwork meant to wrap around the Ballantine paperbacks) (pp. 23-26)
  • "The Green Dragon (Tolkien Society Newsletter, reprinted)" (pp. 31-32)
  • "Many Meetings with Tolkien (transcripts of talks by Dr. C. S. Kilby and Dick Plotz)" (pp. 39-40)
  • Clyde Kilby talks about his time visiting Tolkien and his work on The Silmarillion
  • Dick Plotz states that Tolkien discovered Mordor while on a cruise in the Mediterranean. He sailed past Stromboli while it was erupting at night, and according to Plotz "he'd never seen anything that looked so much like Emyn Anar."
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