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Niekas #9

  • September 1964
  • Stapled
  • 76 pp.
  • Edited by Anne Chatland, Ed Meskys, Felice Rolfe
  • Cover by Jerry Burge
  • Bacover by Glenn Primm
  • With art by Jack Harness, Dave Thewlis, Felice Rolfe, Bjo Trimble, Ken De Maiffe, Glenn Primm, Richard P. Schultz, Robert E. Gilbert, Larry Kafka, Dave Locke, and Atom
  • The Marchin’ Barnacles: by Carl Frederick
  • Mailing Uncomments from Mayhem House: by Felice Rolfe
  • "A Glossary of Middle-earth. Part I: Hobbits" by Al Halevy
  • A Hornbook for Critics: by John Baxter
  • The Science Fiction Books of 1963: by Anthony Boucher
  • Tree and Leaf: a review by Dave Thewlis
  • Naziism and the High Castle: by Philip K. Dick
  • More Mayhem : by Felice Rolfe
  • Our Printing Press: by Liz Lokke
  • A “letter”: by Felice Rolfe
  • Vazhenda: by Anne Chatland
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