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Niggling Special Issue #5, 1995

  • April, 1995
  • 50 pp.
  • A5

In this special issue, Alex Lewis takes us on another journey with the mythical Tolkien fan group, Numenore, and their newsletter, Middle Earth. Alex explains that most of these sixty-odd articles are written off the cuff so are not strenuously researched. In fact, many of the articles seem like they come off of the Internet (where the discussion usually lacks a scholarly approach) and therefore are more of a jumping off point for discussion rather than a serious and complete look at a subject. Also, there is quite a bit of conjecture in many of the articles which may open some eyes to new ideas or grate on the nerves! Still, Alex throws out quite a few different thoughts through his many pen-names in the fictitious issues: whether they be the reforestation of Middle-earth causing the Helcaraxe to melt or why The Shire was spared the wrath of the Witch-King. It makes interesting reading and I am sure that the author is fishing for comments on some of the more controversial topics.

Review by Sumner Hunnewell

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