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Nigglings is the magazine from the Writers Special Interest Group of The Tolkien Society. It is an outlet for people who want to write longer stories inspired by Tolkien (though not necessarily set in his created worlds). One has to ask oneself when reading fan fiction, "Would Tolkien write stories like these?" The answer is probably "no" but good writing (of which Nigglings has quite a bit) is the important thing here and the authors, who are trying to write Middle-earth fiction, usually do not stray too far from Tolkien's created world into their own fanciful creations. Nigglings is scant on artwork and has an annoying habit of being printed on just one side of a sheet of paper (don't let the ents or Jan Boom hear about this). The group also produces Nigglings Special Issues which contain a single long piece of fiction which are sold independently from Nigglings. Hopefully, as time goes on and readership keeps increasing, there will be a letter column which will offer honest, critical comments on the hard work of these authors.

Review by Sumner Hunnewell


  • Nigglings 1 - March 1991
  • Nigglings 2 - August 1991
  • Nigglings 3 - ? 1992
  • Nigglings 4 - ? 1992
  • Nigglings 5 - ? 1992
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