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Nigglings #9

  • April, 1995
  • 45 pages
  • A5

Most of the issue is courtesy of Alex Lewis and Ruth Lacon. Together they write what is a very exciting tale of orcs who have encountered something even more disgusting than themselves. The writing is so well done that you actually start caring about the Uruks! It is only marred by the choice of monster the orcs encounter--an interesting idea but it just doesn't seem to fit in well (in space only the brood of Shelob can hear you scream). Two other pieces by Alex tell the story of young Georgius, son of Farmer Giles of Ham, as well as the story of a master bellmaker who must create a bell that is to be rung the day of Eldarion's birth (a lot of research into bellmaking went into this story). Jason Finch's writing continues to improve and he gives us a Welsh Arthurian story that will have you scrambling for your copy of The Mabinogion. The lead story about Gimli's last bit of work in Middle-earth is very heavy on the description and should satisfy the dwarf fans - I liked the way it ended. A small poem and many smaller items on the history and people of the havens of Umbar are fun to read as well ("The Koloik Papers" being the best among them).

Review by Sumner Hunnewell

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