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Parma Eldalamberon No. 3

  • Volume 1, Number 3
  • June 1973
  • 20 pages, unstapled
  • Cover by Paula Marmour

Parma was the first fanzine devoted to linguistics found in Mythopoeic literature (Tolkien Lewis, and others).


  • Science Fiction as a Test of Axioms Concerning Human Behavoir (article)
  • "The Queer Brandybuck Names" by Jim Allan, tracing them back to medieval sources (and pointing out some of Professor Tolkien's literary jokes along the way).
  • Notes toward a System of Sindarin Vowel Shifts (article)
  • On Pronouns in Quenya (article).
  • A book review of Jim Allan's Glossary of the Eldarin Tongues by Robert Foster
  • A review of Robert Foster's Guide to Middle-earth by Jim Allan
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