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Parma Nölé no. 10

Summer 2004

  • Letters from the Chairman and Co-chair of the Heren Istarion
  • Photos from Ringbearer's Day 2003
  • Discovering Rammoth:
  • The Arms and Armour of Ancanar - By Anthony Burdge and Jessica Burke
  • An Interview with Bradley Birzer - Conducted by The New York Tolkien Society
  • The Lord of the Rings Symphony in Atlanta Theme and Varaitions - by Deborah Singer
  • Why Tolkien? - By Jessica Burke
  • Why Tolkien? An Artist's Statement - By Joe Piela
  • Tolkien Studies An Annual Scholarly Review Vol. 1 2004
  • Review by Anthony S. Burdge
  • Dragons of Fantasy * A review by Anthony S. Burdge
  • Understanding The Lord of the Rings: The best of Tolkien Criticism. Neil Isaacs & Zimbardo, Ed.
  • A review by Anthony Burdge & Jessica Burke
  • John Garth's Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth
  • Some comments by Deborah Singer
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