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Parmadili Calendar 2009

  • A4 publication
  • Coloured illustrations by Małgorzata Pudlik, a member of The Tolkien Section of ŚKF (Silesian Fantasy Club).
  • Days of the year are arranged according to the Gregorian calendar, the Calendar of Imladris, the Shire Reckoning, and the New Reckoning of the Reunited Kingdom of King Elessar.
  • For this calendar Małgorzata “Marigold” Pudlik prepared a set of 13 interesting illustrations, including beautiful remembrance illustrations of The Lord of the Rings musical that “Marigold” had a chance to see in London in the spring of 2008. Ryszard “Galadhorn” Derdziński came up with the idea for the calendar, and did all the editorial work.
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