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Royal Selangor

"Bringing the characters of Lord of The Rings to life in pewter is Royal Selangor and Dr. Graeme Anthony from Australia, whose designs and detailed sculptures vividly portray each unique character or setting." (from Royal Selangor website)

Royal Selangor obtained their license from Tolkien Enterprises, so the depictions are based on artists' renderings, not on the Peter Jackson movies (though there are some remarkable similarities in some pieces.) Now at over eighty items, the line started with goblets, then expanded to shot glasses and wine glasses. They have since added other glass forms, limited edition sculptures (including one in sterling silver), commemorative plates, and more. Some of their sculptures are designed with the chess board in, allowing a full set to be played.

  • War of the Ring Chess Set
  • Battle of Middle Earth Chess Board
  • Aragorn Collectible
  • Galadriel Collectible
  • Gollum Collectible
  • Witch King Collectible
  • Hobbit Collectible
  • Legolas & Gimli Collectible
  • Minas Tirith Collectible
  • Orc Collectible
  • Orthanc Collectible
  • Saruman Collectible
  • Sauron Collectible
  • Shelob Collectible
  • Shot Glasses Chess Set
  • Aragorn Shot Glass
  • Arwen Shot Glass
  • Celeborn Shot Glass
  • City of Tirion Shot Glass
  • Dark Tower of Mordor Shot Glass
  • Elrond Shot Glass
  • Ent Shot Glass
  • Galadriel Shot Glass
  • Gandalf Shot Glass
  • Gimli Shot Glass
  • Hobbit Shot Glass
  • Hobbit Shot Glass Pair
  • Minas Tirith Shot Glass
  • Orc Shot Glass
  • Saruman Shot Glass
  • Sauron Shot Glass
  • Shelob Shot Glass
  • Smaug Shot Glass
  • City of Tirion Wine Glass
  • Ent Wine Glass
  • Gandalf Wine Glass
  • Orc Wine Glass
  • Sauron Wine Glass
  • Winged Beast Wine Glass
  • Gandalf Pourer
  • Gollum Bottle Stopper
  • Gollum Pourer
  • Hobbit Bottle Stopper
  • Orc Bust Bottle Stopper
  • Smaug Pourer
  • The One Ring Bottle Stopper
  • The Hobbit Commemorative Plate
  • The Fellowship of The Ring Commemorative Plate
  • The Two Towers Commemorative Plate
  • The Return of The King Commemorative Plate
  • Miniature Goblets Chess Set
  • Aragorn Goblet
  • Aragorn Goblet (2nd edition)
  • Arwen Goblet
  • Boromir Goblet
  • Celeborn Goblet
  • Ent Goblet
  • Eowyn Goblet
  • Frodo Goblet
  • Galadriel Goblet
  • Gandalf Goblet
  • Gimli Goblet
  • Glorfindel Goblet
  • Gondolin Goblet
  • Grima Wormtongue Goblet
  • Hobbit Goblet
  • Legolas Goblet
  • Orc Goblet
  • Saruman Goblet
  • Shelob Goblet
  • Smaug Goblet
  • Smeagol Gollum Goblet
  • Gandalf Tankard
  • Evil Creatures Tankard
  • Frodo & Sam Tankard
  • Gimli & Legolas Tankard
  • Helm's Deep Tankard
  • Strider Tankard
  • Aragorn Toasting Flute
  • Arwen Toasting Flute
  • Elven Pair Toasting Flute with Stand
  • Gauntlet of Elrond Flute
  • Gauntlet of Sauron Flute
  • Gondorian Pair Toasting Flute with Stand
  • Hand of Gandalf
  • Hand of Gollum
  • Mordor Flute
  • Orthanc Flute
  • Limited Edition - Gandalf's Rescue from Orthanc
  • Limited Edition - The Guardian and The Thief
  • Limited Edition Bilbo & The Three Trolls
  • Limited Edition Sculpture - Battle at Khazad-dum
  • Limited Edition The Shieldmaiden & the Ringwraith
  • TREEBEARD- the Shepherd of the Trees- Ltd. Edition
  • Smaug's Destruction of Laketown
  • Orc Port Goblet - Pair
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